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2019-01-19 Ones to Watch - Whelans Dublin

Well would you look at that, it’s 2019 already. 2018 was some year for gigs, I’ve a feeling that 2019 might top it though! I finished my 2018 gigs  in Whelans , so whey not start my 2019 gigs there also! Tonight was the third or fourth night of the Whelans Ones to Watch 2019 festival and Ansonix , a good friend of the IrishMusicParty , was headlining the Friday night, so off I went.  It’s hard to describe the music Ansonix plays, but imagine crossing a Sega Megadrive with Amadeus and you’ll get some idea.  Check him out, it’s good stuff! OK, so that’s the reason I was there out of the way.  The first band I got to see on the night were  Jooce  and they were a throw back to 70s psychedelic rock. Well worth checking out. The gig used both venues at Whelans, which meant I was wandering around the place catching bits of bands here and there.  The next band I got to see were from Mullingar and they were just funktastic! Who were they?  Well they’re called  Bobby and the Blunts  and I

2018-12-31 Mik Pyro - Whelans Dublin

My last gig of 2018 on the last night of 2018…  For a variety of reasons, I needed a break from my normal New Years Eve celebrations, so when a chance to go see  Mik Pyro  in  Whelans  with a friend arose, well, I jumped at it. For those that don’t know, Mik Pyro was the front man of the brilliant Republic of Loose.  Unfortunately, like many great Irish bands, the ‘Loose’ are no longer together, but that doesn’t stop Mik from playing some of their classics! In between new material from Mik, we heard old Loose tracks like  Comeback Girl ,  The Steady Song ,  Aaagh  and a few others. As New Years Eve parties go, this one was hard to beat. Anyway, it’s 2019 now, time to start planning some new gigs for this year! Check out the photos below: