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2024-05-10 Tyler Booth - Lawlor's of Naas

I'm not the biggest country music fan going.  Don't bet me wrong, I don't hate it, but my country collection is limited to Cash, Kristofferson, Campbell, Nelson and a few others, all household names.  However, I do like live music, so when I heard that a young guy from Kentucky, Tyler Booth , was going to be in Naas for an intimate meet and greet with fans and was going to play a few songs too, I put on my boots, grabbed my Stetson and headed to the saloon! I wandered down to the Piano Bar in Lawlor's of Naas , and was instantly hit by a wave of flashbacks... Many good nights were had in that bar and it's great to see it being used again.   There was a nice sized crowd there, big enough to give it a good vibe, small enough that everyone got to spend some time with Tyler, getting photos, autographs and so on.  After thar, and a couple of pints, to lubricate his vocal chords, Tyler treated the crowd to a few songs, including local favourites Wagon Wheel and Galway Gir

2024-04-27 The Dirty Circus - The Grand Social, Dublin

I'd seen The Dirty Circus pop up on my Instagram feed many times and it always piqued my interest, so, one night I decided to message them about shooting the show, and sure, here we are, in The Grand Social , Dublin, in the middle of the madness! What is the Dirty Circus?  Well, it's a little bit of burlesque, a little bit of circus, a lot of innuendo and a dash of fire...  Basically, what I'd call a good night out! Would I recommend the show?  Oh hell yes, most definitely.  If you get the chance to see the show, either in Dublin or on its travels, you really should go.   Now for some photos (this will be updated over time!!!)

2024-04-13 Tolka Hot Club - Unitarian Church, Dublin

The last time I set foot in the Unitarian Church on St. Stephen's Green was for the recording of Cathy Davey's live album,  Live at Dublin Unitarian Church , back in March 2018.  What a night that was! Well, it might have taken 6 years to get back, but tonight I'm back baby, and it's to see the fantastic Tolka Hot Club . For those that have not heard them play before, Tolka Hot Club play Jazz with a dash of Swing, some French cabaret with a healthy dose of the Balkans mixed in and it sounds delightful. They are the type of band that when their gig is over, you have a huge smile on your face.  It's just good for your soul, it makes you happy.  Even if you don't have a soul, you'll still have a great time! I'm not quite sure what else I can say here about Tolka Hot Club really, they are superb live, just go see them.  Don't be stupid and skip their next gig, but a ticket and go.  Would I steer you wrong??? Earlier in the night, Mosatrïc performed a ro

2024-04-12 Driven Snow - Pavilion Theatre, Dún Laoghaire

It was a busy weekend for the first time in a while.  It all started in the Pavilion Theatre in Dún Laoghaire, where Driven Snow were opening for Bressie on his Where Is My Mind tour. I arrived at the theatre for 7:30pm, introduced myself to the staff, and was then given a brief tour of the venue where they told me how to get to the various vantage points to take photos.  After that, it was time to kick back and relax for 30 minutes. Just in case you weren't aware, Driven Snow are Kieran from Deleorentos and Emily from Republic of Loose , so they're a talented duo! The show started a little after 8:00pm and the room was practically full.  It's always nice, or at least I think it is, when the support acts get to play to a full house, and they really seemed to enjoy Driven Snows set. Their album, A Kind of Dreaming , is a beautiful affair.  The perfect album to curl up with on the couch, in front of a nice fire, with the one you love.  Or, in my case, driving down the M5

2024-03-27 Mothers Against Genocide Protest - RCS Dublin

Another week, another protest against the destruction, devastation and genocide that is taking place in Palestine. How anyone can look on and think that the indiscriminate murder of innocent children is okay and say it's just collateral damage, I will never, ever understand. Those who do this have no heart, have no soul, have no compassion and have no mercy. That night, outside the Royal College of Surgeons in Dublin, Irish Health Workers and Mothers Against Genocide held a vigil to honour their brothers and sisters who have died in Palestine, most recently in Al-Shifa, and to protest against the barbaric destruction of Palestine. Later, as I stood watching, a drunk man came rambling by, muttering to himself.  He stopped to speak with me, he said "The babies, the poor babies, the poor innocent babies.  Do they have no compassion?" They being the IDF.  He then went on to tell me that he'd buried his first grandchild, just 5 months old, 3 weeks previous.   No one deserv

2024-03-24 Arlene Bailey - Moat Theatre, Naas

I've known Arlene for a few years...  Without being too exact, we are talking about the pre-grunge times, so yeah, a few years. I'm quite lucky to count among my friends, many musicians, performers and singers and there is something quite magical about watching them perform.  I get an immense feeling of pride in them, and, watching Arlene perform tonight, was no different. It's no easy thing to sell out the Moat Theatre in Naas, and, contrary to what you might believe, being a local artist doesn't make it any easier, but the theatre was packed tonight with friends, family and fans, all out for a good time. I suppose the main question is, did they have a good time?  Well, the answer is yes, oh yeas indeed.  From the moment Arlene ran on stage in a straight jacket, to a duet with Niamh Strong and onto the final encore, the audience sang, clapped and toe tapped along. A great night! Just a quick word on supporting your friends in the arts.  If you get the chance to catc