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2023-11-05 Aurora Borealis - Ballynafagh Church, Kildare

Ever since I heard about the Aurora Borealis as a child, I wanted to see it. Over the years, many drunken, and some sober, plans were made to go to the Arctic to see it, but none ever came to fruition. So, when a friend rang and asked if I fancied trying to see it from only a few miles out the road, I had to take that chance.  Mind you, I thought we'd absolutely no chance of seeing it, who ever heard of an Aurora Borealis sighting here?  Not me! We hit the road and drove the short 20 minutes to Ballynafagh Church out past Prosperous ( Christy Moore fans will know that place!) and parked down a dark, tight country lane. No need to hop fences or climb over gates in the dark of night thankfully, as there was a small entrance into what used to be church grounds.  Pretty soon my camera was set up on the tripod and we were ankle deep in mud! Only then did I come to the realisation, I hadn't a clue what I was doing! Thankfully there were a few other photographers there on the night

2023-11-08 Berlin or Bust

Hallo. Mein Name ist MJ. Ich bin einundzwanzig. Ich komme aus Irland. Danke schön. And that, dear reader, is the sum total of my ability to speak German.  It should be noted that I am no longer 21.  I was, many years ago when I studied German in college.  Anyway. it gave my Uber Driver a good laugh! So, what am I doing in Berlin?  That's a good question.  I don't really have an answer.  I was browsing the internet, somehow ended up on the Aer Lingus site booking a cheap flight to Berlin.  I do like to fly Aer Lingus when I can.  The seats are just that bit more comfortable than Ryanair, and when you have a shit spine, it makes all the difference. Since I booked the flight, I though I better book some accommodation.  When travelling on my own, I'm not fussy where I stay as long as it is clean, safe and cheap and Space Night Capsule Hostel was just that.  I could try and explain what a POD / Capsule is, but just click on the link above and you'll see. So, what did I get

2023-10-29 VetoCode - Moat Theatre, Naas

It's a brave move for a young, local band to book out the Moat Theatre for a headline show.  Brave and expensive, but that's just what VetoCode did! VetoCode rose out of the ashes from the now defunct Kovanta.  A new drummer, a change of singer and slimming down to a 3 piece, has made them a tighter unit. Whilst they might be a 3 piecebnow, they seem more than happy to have various singers and performers guest with them.  Tonight was no different and they were joined by the fantastic  Brinda Irani  on vocals and keyboard and equally fantastic  Aoife Murphy , also on vocals. Their set consisted of original and cover material including some Evanescence and Queens of the Stone Age.  The crowd, who, like me, were ready to rock, and they lapped it up. After that, there's not a lot to say.  If you see these young folk gigging, I'd recommend checking them out. So, with that in mind, here are some photos:

2023-10-27 King Kong Company - Dolan's, Limerick

I had planned on going to see King Kong Company  in the Olympia Theatre earlier in this month, but it clashed with a photoshoot at charity gig and, when the charity gig is for a friend, there was only ever going to be one winner.  So, arrangements were made to head to Dolan's in Limerick to see them live over the Bank Holiday weekend. I hit the road late Friday afternoon.  Not an ideal time to travel, made even worse because it was a bank holiday weekend here in Ireland.  I made it in time though, 15 minutes before doors opened!  Happy days.  I only wish I'd made it down a bit earlier, I was starving and the food there is always superb, but alas, it wasn't to be and I starved. Support on the might was from a local band called T.A. Narrative .  How can I describe them?  Well, picture the style of Human League, the attitude of Sisters of Mercy all mixed with sweet synth pop sounds!  I really enjoyed their set and I'd love to see them live again. Then it was time for the

2023-10-13 Jack Lukeman - Lawlors Ballroom, Naas

I've mentioned before, and, if you are a regular Moat Theatre attendee, theatre manager, Celine, is going through some health battles.  So, to try and ease the financial burden, various benefit events have been happening over the last few months. Tonight's event, in Lawlors Hotel , was an art auction and the pieces went for more money than I had with me!  I walked away artless... But on a positive note, lots of money was raised!  Oh and on another positive note, Jack Lukeman played!  Here's some (not very good) photos: