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2024-07-05 Sugababes - Iveagh Gardens, Dublin

I've been a Sugababes fan since I first heard Overload way back in 2000.  It was, and still is, a pop classic.  Over the years, I managed to catch them live a couple of times.   The first time I caught Sugababes live was way back at Creamfields 2002.  Unfortunately Siobhan had left the band by then and been replaced by Heidi, so I never got to see the original lineup.  Did it matter much at the time to me?  No, not at all, I was just their to party!  As a side note, post Sugababes, Siobhan went on to release two solo albums, Revolution in Me in 2003 and Ghosts in 2007. The next time I saw them was at Oxegen 2008, and by then Mutya had left the band and was replaced by Amelle, leaving Keisha as the only remaining original member.  It was a tad strange seeing the band with only one remaining member, but again, it was a festival and all we were looking for was a good time, which we definitely got! Another side note, just like Siobhan, Mutya went on to release her own solo work, a gr
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2024-06-15 IPSC Protest - Bernardo Square, Dublin

Seven months later and still the killing goes on.  These are the latest casualty figures as of June 19 at 1:00pm in Gaza, courtesy of the Al Jazeera tracker . Gaza Killed: at least 37,396 people, including more than 15,000 children. Injured: more than 85,523 people. Missing: more than 10,000. Occupied West Bank Killed: at least 549 people, including more than 135 children. Injured: more than 5,200. Israel Killed: 1,139 people Injured: at least 8,730 Seven months later and the people of Ireland, and indeed people all around the world are constantly protesting at the inhumane treatment that the Israeli Govt. and the IDF are inflicting on the people of Palestine, in the name of destroying Hamas. The unfortunate reality is, as we saw in Northern Ireland, that for each innocent man, woman or child killed, someone else will become radicalised, see violence as the only solution, and the cycle continues. I don't have the answer, but surely a permanent ceasefire on both sides and allowing m

2024-06-14 Mary McGuinness - Judge Roy Beans, Newbridge

So Nashville country music star Mary McGuinness was in Ireland recently and played a couple of gigs in Kildare.  The first was a small, intimate gig in Lawlors of Naas , followed up the next night with a show in Judge Roy Beans in Newbridge. We all know how much I know about country music, and it can be summed up as precious little, so I always go with an open mind, hoping to be entertained! Was I entertained?  Indeed I was.  Mary, joined by Cole Ritter on guitar and backing vocals, put on two wonderful shows mostly performing her own music, but with a couple of covers thrown in for good measure.  I think she is on her way back to Nashville now, but if you get the chance to see her, or indeed Cole Ritter perform, take it! Support on the night came from Cole (he did a short set by himself), Andy and Pete (ex of Vagabonds and Thieves) and Dubh Lee , who I hadn't seen perform in ages! All in all, a great night of music in JRBs! Now for a few photos:

2024-06-01 What's De Craic Festival - Maynooth

It's festival season again, and I nearly missed out on my first of the year!  I'd spent the previous 11 days in the south of Spain, missing out completely on Day 1 of Maynooths brand new music festival,  What's De Craic . I did, eventually, make it there on Saturday for Day 2 of What's De Craic, just in time for some good old country music with these fantastic performers,  Cliona Hagan , Robert Mizzell and Nathan Carter .   As I've said previously, my country music experience is limited to the likes of Cash, Kristofferson, Campbell, Nelson and a few others, so my knowledge of the good and great on the Irish country scene is very limited. These artists are definitely part of the good and great though, and the crowd really got into the swing of things as they line-danced the night away, all whilst singing their hearts out! I just like to say that I can neither confirm nor deny the rumour that I might, just might have, sang along to Wagon Wheel!!! So, Saturday might h

2024-05-17 Muddy River Band - Fallons, Kilcullen

It had been a while since I'd been to a gig in Fallons of Kilcullen , I think it was February 2020, just before the COVID lockdowns started, and Sara Ryan was performing.  It had also been a while since I'd headed along to see the Muddy River Band perform.  I'd meant to catch them earlier in the year, but that show was postponed unfortunately.  The Muddy River Band,  for those that don't know, are  Willie Headon ,  Pete Kavanagh  and  Pat Silke , and they play a selection of songs from the huge back catalogues of Bob Dylan, Neil Young and Van Morrison. The venue, at the rear of Fallons, is a beautiful stone walled, intimate room, with seating for about 80 to 100, with huge crystal chandeliers hanging from the ceiling.  It is, as I said, quite beautiful.  So, how was the show?  Well, it was great, a very enjoyable night of live music, even, if like me, you're not a Dylan or Morrison fan!  I'd definitely recommend catching these guys live. Now for some photos: