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2023-09-29 Danny Groenland - BelloBar, Dublin

 Too many options for too many gigs tonight, only one could win out though, and that was Danny Groenland  in the BelloBar in Dublin. The night started off interestingly... Whilst sitting in a Dublin bar, having a pre gig glass of Diet Coke (tastes better than Coke Zero), mayhem and violence erupted outside the window I was seated by.  Chairs, tables, bottles and much more went flying!  Blood was spilled, screams were made and Garda and Ambulances were called Me? Well, my guest and I left through the side door, all safe and sound! After that bit of excitement, I headed on to BelloBar.  I always like to try and catch the opening acts, it's a great way of finding new and interesting artists.  I figure, if the headliner likes them enough to have them open the night, then I should give them a listen! Tonight was no different.  The opening act was Hxney (pronounced Honey) and I really enjoyed her RnB set.  Good voice, some good tunes and she really got the crowd singing along.  Could y

2023-09-09 Wild Food Festival, Naas

Well, it's the end of the summer and, as usual, the last summer festival on my list is the Naas Wild Food Festival . It's a great mix of food and music, a perfect way to spend a warm weekend! I got there about 30 minutes late on Saturday, so I only got to catch the tail end of Lypton Village's set. I saw them earlier in the year at the Bealtaine Festival and they were excellent, they really got the crowd  going! Next up onstage was a Naas local, the fantastic  Gemma Cox .  I've seen Gemma on many occasions, she has a stunning voice, catchy, quirky songs, always fun to catch live.  Definitely check out her music and, when you see her playing live, go.  You will enjoy it! Following Gemma was  Saibh Skelly ,  I'd seen Saibh busk in Dublin a few years back, but the first time i got to see her live was when she supported Janet Devlin in Dublin , back in November 2021.  I enjoyed her set that night and have been keeping an eye and an ear out for her music.  I'd high

2023-09-02 Candlelight Cabaret - Lost Lane, Dublin

Just a few photos and a video of a recent night out at the Candlelight Cabaret in Lost Lane .  Absolutely fantastic night of burlesque, with some incredible performers. Aurora Divine Sparkling Spitfire Leela Baron Kenny Todgers Daria Decollette Lucrezia Bella Agogo

2023-08-25 The Vamps - Collins Barracks, Dublin

I'm more than a few days late getting this post up! But anyway, here we are, The Vamps , live in Dublin! This gig was not my idea and, to be honest, I didn't know what to expect.  My niece messaged me and asked if I'd go to see New Hope Club and The Vamps (her two favourite bands) when they play Dublin.  I, obviously, said yes and she went and booked flights! So anyway, here we are, it's late summer in Dublin, the skies are grey and the threat of rain is never far away.  As we sat having a pre gig bite to eat in Smithfield, the heavens opened and the thunder clapped.  This was not looking good, but assured me that the rain would stop before 7:00pm, and it did. So anyway, on to the gig.  It's safe to say that New Hope Club and The Vamps fans are generally young ladies in their late teens to early twenties, and they are loud!  Screams rang around the courtyard of Collins Barracks all night long, I was glad to have my earplugs with me! Local band, ModernLove

2023-08-26 The Playing Fields Festival - Clane GAA

It's The Playing Fields Festival time again!  TPFF23, it's third outing, is back and it's the same, but a little different also. For the first time, it's not just an Irish affair.  The legendary Basement Jaxx headlined the Sunday night.  Also, for the first time, it's under canvas.  Not a big circus type tent, a more low rise, stretched canvas affair, as per TribFest a few weeks back.  Given the state of the Irish summer, it was a great decision.  The final difference was that I was only there for Day Two as I'd already arranged to bring my niece to see The Vamps , and that clashed with Day One. So, along with Basement Jaxx , who else was playing Day Two of TPFF? Well, we had:     The Flavours      Altered Lines      Diversion      Raging Sons      Spring Break      Roisin O      and      CamrinWatsin I think we can agree, that's a pretty good mix of rock n' roll, party time and dance music!  Even under canvas, the stage was pretty big and sounded good