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You'll probably have noticed a lack of posts here over the last few months. Like most places around the world, the live music scene here in Ireland has been decimated by the COVID-19 Pandemic. March, April and May were spent in lock down.  Three months in almost isolation.  It was tough, but the alternative was a lot worse.  I am glad to see the back of it though. So many plans are gone awry though.  There are no live gigs, no festivals, nothing...  Some pubs have opened, but there are rules and regulations to adhere to and live music isn't high on their agenda just yet. There have been some incredible online gigs over the last few months, but that can't be the future of live music.  Also, Gavin James and  Hermitage Green  have organised Drive-In Tours where punters drive to the gig in their cars and stay in the cars for the gigs. Not a bad idea, but again, that can't be the future. Anyway... I have two gigs left this year that haven't been cancelled..

Power Of Dreams - America

It's been a long, long, long time since Power of Dreams released new material, about 26 years if I'm not mistaken! They were one of the best rock bands on the Irish scene back in the early 90's with singles like  100 Ways To Kill A Love , The Joke's On Me, Never Been To Texas , Stay and American Dream .  Then, like many Irish bands before and after them, they broke up... But fear not, they are back with a new album  Aüslander due for release soon.  As a taster, they've released the Double A Side single (is that possible on digital???)  America / Across the Shannon . It sounds good, really really good to me. Check out the video below: