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2022-10-24 The Pretty Reckless - The Olympia Theatre, Dublin

I've seen The Pretty Reckless a few times, first back in 2011 at Oxegen Festival.  Fast forward to 2016 and I saw them again in the House of Blues, Las Vegas.  Fast forward 6 years and I'm getting to see them again, this time in the Olympia Theatre , Dublin. How good was it?  Well, it was awesome.  They played to a sell-out theatre, and I'd say they could have played another night also, such was the demand for tickets! The setlist on the night was: Death by Rock and Roll Since You're Gone Only Love Can Save Me Now Follow Me Down Make Me Wanna Die Miss Nothing Sweet Things Witches Burn My Medicine My Bones Going to Hell Heaven Knows Take Me Down Fucked Up World I didn't have a media pass, so I couldn't bring the big lens, so all shots are from the audience using a small Sony DSC HX60.  It was strange just being a punter for the first time in ages, but it was enjoyable! Anyway, now for those photos:

2022-10-22 Tolka Hot Club - Civic Centre, Tallaght

I was asked if I'd like to shoot the Tolka Hot Club in the Civic Theatre in Tallaght and I jumped at the chance.  I'd shot them last year in Sin É , but I was never happy with the photos.  It was very dark with minimal lighting, so it didn't make for good shots. I'd higher hopes for this show though, I'd been to the Civic Theatre before, I knew that it was a modern theatre with great lighting, and I wasn't disappointed on the night! I've previously described the Tolka Hot Clubs music as a bit of Jazz, with some Swung, French cabaret with a dash of the Balkans thrown in for good measure and tonight, they did it all.  In between taking photos, i was treated to a beautiful night of music.  I can't recommend them enough!  Catch them when you can. Now for some photos:

2022-10-19 An Evening of Poetry - Live at St.Mary's Church, Maynooth

I didn't excel at English in school. Some might say that I didn't really try that hard at all, so how could I?  My problem was that I never saw the point of it, of reading plays, of learning poems or talking about the deeper meaning behind the words.   I was a very literal guy.  When asked in class what, in my opinion, the open window in Cathys room symbolised (Wuthering Heights), I replied it symbolised nothing, it just meant Cathy was warm and wanted to cool down.  That wasn't the answer the teacher was looking for... So, it would come as a surprise to my teachers that I actually enjoy poetry these days, maybe not reading it, but definitely watching it being performed. Last night, I headed over to St. Mary's Church in Maynooth to see The Poet Geoff , Hazel Hogan , John Cummins , Emmet O'Brien and Rachel Lally , who also curated the event. It turned out to be a fantastic night of poetry and spoken word with two poems, one by The Poet Geoff that dealt with an unex

2022-10-15 Tebi Rex and Friends - Riverbank Arts Centre, Newbridge

Last Saturday night, I headed over to the Riverbank Arts Centre in Newbridge to catch Tebi Rex and their friends perform. I've seen Tebi Rex twice definitely, maybe three times and I've seen Max Zanga perform a couple of times also, so I was somewhat familiar with their music. So, who were the friends? Well, they were Shollah , Alicia Raye and Daire Patel , all artists I'd not heard of before, but I really enjoyed their individual sets.  All four acts were very different to each other and made for a great night of hip-hop. So yeah, a great night out in Newbridge, it's been a while since I said that! On a side note, as a young draftsman, I worked on the drawings for the Riverbank Arts Centre ...  It's always a joy to go back there and see my work! Now for the photos: Tebi Rex Shollah Alicia Raye Daire Patel