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2021-09-23 Shobsy - Workmans Club, Dublin

So I headed to see Shobsy tonight in the Workmans Club in Dublin. I'd seen him recently enough when he played the Moat Theatre in Naas with Mundy back in July. So, how was the gig? Fantastic to be honest. The guy has an absolutely incredible voice and to go along with that, he has a fantastic stage presence. A true pop star in the making!  There was a large crowd in attendance, even with the COVID Restrictions in place, and they loved every moment of the gig. My only gripe was with the lighting which, in the main, was red and blue... that makes it incredibly difficult to capture a decent shot, the subject either looks like the red hulk or an icicle!  Anyway, I made the best of it and B&W hides a myriad of problems! Anyway, on to the photos: @irish_mj This is a terrible looking video of @shobsy18 playing the Workman's Club in ##Dublin 23/09/21. The photos look better, I swear! ##Gigs ##LiveMusic ##IrishMusicParty ♬ original sound - IrishMJ

2021-09-22 JyellowL - St. Davids Church, Naas

So there I was, way back in April, sitting outside with my folks, talking, having a bite to eat, when my phone buzzes to tell me there's someone at the my front door. I check the feed and I think to myself 'he looks bloody familiar...'  A few moments later and my phone buzzes again, this time it's the same guy, but with a package in his hands.  That's when it clicked, it was JyellowL hand delivering his album  2020 DIvision and I wasn't there!  It is, by the way, a great album and you should definitely check it out! Due to COVID Restrictions, I thought the chance of seeing him perform this year would be slim to none, but, as luck would have it, the Department of Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sport and Media  funded a series of gigs around Kildare and JyellowL was lined up to play Saint Davids Church in Naas.  The only issue was that tickets were done by lottery and I wasn't assured of one! Roll on Monday and I got an email to say 'congratulations

2021-09-18 Sive - Moat Theatre, Naas

Tonight was the last of the 18 to 18 series of gigs in the Moat Theatre in Naas and what better way to close out the series, but with Sive . I've seen Sive perform on many occasions, but this was the first time in a long time that she had a full band and it turned, what is normally a beautiful performance into a fantastic night of music, a wonderful way to end the series. It's also worth mentioning the fantastic work put in by Tony Sourke , Celine Garvey and the team at the Moat Theatre for organising 18 to 18.  Well done! Anyway, on to the photos: @irish_mj ##Sive performing ##Tenlach tonight in the ##MoatTheatre in ##Naas . ##LiveMusic ##Gigs ##IrishMusicParty ##Kildare ##Ireland ♬ original sound - IrishMJ

2021-09-17 Nealo - Workmans Club, Dublin

Sometime back in early 2020, I booked a ticket to go see Nealo play in the Workmans Club in Dublin.  6 reschedules, due to COVID Restrictions, and over a year later, the gig finally happened! Was it worth waiting for?  Oh hell yeah!  In between booking the tickets and the gig happening, Nealo released his brilliant debut album 'All The Leaves Are Falling' and tonight was the first time I got to hear it performed live. Obviously we are also treated to some old songs and some new songs, with some help along the way from Jehnova , Rebel Phoenix and Morgan Mac Intyre of Saint Sister fame. As it happens, that was my first time in the Workmans Club since December 2019 and my first night out in Dublin since February 2020...  Madness. Anyway, on to the photos: @irish_mj Nealo performing 'All the Leaves are Fallen' tonight in the ##WorkmansClub in Dublin. ##Gigs ##LiveMusic ##IrishHipHop ##IrishRap ##IrishMusicParty ♬ original sound - IrishMJ

2021-09-10 Emma Langford - Moat Theatre, Naas

Tonight, well tonight I was meant to be in Belfast to see King Kong Company as part of the Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival .  I was looking forward to it since last April.  Unfortunately, due to a mix of my own health issues and the latest Covid figures for Belfast, I thought it wise to pass my ticket on to some one else. So I did. That left me with an empty Friday night to fill.  Fortunately, Emma Langford was due to play the Moat Theatre on the same night and, thanks to the kind folk in the theatre, I was invited along. I've seen Emma perform on many occasions previously, so I went in to the gig with high hopes and I was not disappointed!  From Birdsong and You Are Not Mine (This Song Isn't About You, You Lying Bollix) , to  The Winding Way Down To Kells Bay and Goodbye Hawaii , all the crowd favourites were performed.  We were even treated to a beautiful version of The Cranberries classic, Linger . All in all, another fantastic night of music and song in the Moat Theatr