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Interview with Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats

Originally published 21/10/2013 on Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats. That’s a name you won't forget in a hurry. What's the story behind it, presuming there is a story... Its about a psycho killer who thinks he's God and then goes out into the desert to start his own death cult. I've been listening to Mind Control for the last few weeks and I've been trying to classify your sound, but failing miserably. It seems to flit between many different genres. Having said I have noticed that the album does go well with Queen of the Stone Ages latest opus, Like Clockwork. How would you guys classify yourselves? Its hard to say. There's elements of rock, metal, pop, psych.... Cambridge is noted for many things, education, boat races, and most recently, Silicon Fen. It's not exactly known worldwide for producing hard rocking bands. What happened with you guys? Are you all Cambridge locals or did you meet there at college? No, none of us are from Cam