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2023-06-16 Keeley - Workmans Cellar, Dublin

Keeley...  I'm not sure when or where or how we first connected.  I'll take a guess and say it was on Twitter, that's normally how these things start. Previously a member of Dublin band, Session Motts, Keeley decided to go it alone back in 2020. That's also the time that she decided to base her song writing around Inga-Maria Hauser , an 18 year old German backpacker, murdered in Co Antrim back in 1988. So, that leads us on to tonight and the release party for her debut album,  Floating Above Everything Else .   Ireland is a bit warm at the moment, so when you can just imagine how warm, sweaty and sticky it was in the Workman's Cellar , Dublin, it didn't help that Keeley played a relentless set for over 90 minutes!!!  The crowd loved it, and why wouldn't they? Definitely go check out their Bandcamp page and then buy the album! I didn't stay around long afterwards, I was gasping for cold air, so I made a quick exit and was home before midnight. Anyway, o

2023-06-10 Saoirse Casey - Whelans, Dublin

Somehow, this is my first visit to Whelan's in 2023.  I'm not quite sure how that happened, but sure here we are. Tonight's show is a double header, with both  Abi Atanacio and Saoirse Casey  performing.  I've seen Saoirse perform on many occasions, most recently last Thursday night in Naas at the Gig for Celine .  Abi was a totally new name to me, I'd never heard her music before. Neither Abi or Saoirse are going to make you headbang, but they'll have you singing along with them before you know it!  Oh and as it happens, Saoirse let it be known that she has a new album almost ready for release and Abi has just released an EP called Kintsugi on Spotify. Anyway, it was a great night, good to be back in Whelans and I'm looking forward to being there more in the coming month! Now for some photos: Saoirse Casey Abi Atanacio

2023-06-08 Gig for Celine - Moat Theatre, Naas

Sometimes you meet people who, for whatever reason, give you a chance, a break...  Celine, the manager of the Moat Theatre is one of those people.  I've been allowed to roam and wander in the theatre to get some of my favourite shots of some of Irelands greatest performers and I've enjoyed every minute of it. Celine is going through a bit of a tough time at the moment, so Thursday night was just one of many fundraisers to help her out as she battles through. So, who played?  Well, Pete Kavanagh , Mairead Carroll , The Willibees , Johnny and Harrison Warren , John Forde , Arlene Bailey , Rebecca Storm , Saoirse Casey and Paddy Casey . Lots and lots of talented folk from the locality and was interspersed with messages of good will from Theatre and TV stars from around the world, just goes to show how much Celine is loved and the high regard she is held in. If you would like to contribute to this fundraiser, you can click here . Anyway, on to the photos: