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2019-09-24 Christina Aguilera - Zappos Theater Las Vegas

Christina Aguilera...  I know, you're probably thinking "What is MJ doing at a Christina Aguilera gig?". Well the truth is, I'm in Vegas, she's in Vegas and, well I got a ticket for cheap, so why the hell not! Off I headed to Zappos Theater , knowing no one and unsure of what to expect. Obviously I know all her big hits, anyone who listens to the radio does, but I wouldn't class myself as a fan.  I was, as I've said elsewhere, out of my comfort zone at this gig! I needn't have worried though.  She came onstage a little after 9:00 PM and played for 2 hours. OK, she wasn't on stage for the full 2 hours as there were a few short breaks for costume changes, but that's only me being picky. All the hits were played and, yeah, I may have sang along to some of them.  There were a few songs I didn't know, but the crowd did and they belted them out with her.  Mind you, she didn't need the help, her voice is just stunning, as powerful as it

2019-09-06 Shane O'Fearghail & Emma Langford - McAuley Place Naas

We've reached the third and last gig of a rather busy weekend...  I've seen Emma Langford on a few occasions, most recently at Knockanstockan during the summer, and I always enjoy her live sets.  I'd not heard of Shane O'Fearghail before though, so I wasn't sure what to expect from him! It turns out that I needn't have worried.  Shane has a wonderful voice and although I was unfamiliar with his work, I really enjoyed his set.  So much so that I bought two of his CDs post gig. Next up was Emma Langford.  I've said it before that Emma is one of the finest singer / songwriters in the country.  She has a voice that is as perfect live as it is on vinyl.  It's just beautiful. Towards the end of the night, Shane and Emma were joined on stage by Ken Whelan on accordion.  It's been a long time since I heard and accordion live, it was fantastic! Emma is touring the country at the moment, so if you get the chance to go see her live, do go.  You won&#

2019-09-07 Davie Fury - Visual Carlow

We're on to the second gig of the weekend! I've known Davie Furey for a few years now and watched him perform many times.  Mind you, it has been a while since I last saw him play, so when he said he'd a gig in Carlow, I put it in the diary. The gig was last night in Visual Carlow .  I hadn't been to Carlow in a long time and I'd never been to Visual, so I'd no idea what to expect.  Turns out it's a fantastic arts centre. If you get a chance, pop along and check it out. Anyway, on to the gig... As usual, Davie put on a great show, plenty of old material, a few new songs and the odd rant against politicians.  Basically, just the normal Davie gig!  If you haven't seen or heard Davie before, click on the link above and check him out.  I think you'll like him. Oh and I also picked up a copy of ' Secret Light ' featuring EllyD . Check out the photos below:

2019-09-06 Naas Wild Food Festival

What's this? The Naas Wild Food Festival ?? On a music blog??? Well... Yeah, actually it is.   But fear not, I wasn't there for the food, I'd only music on my mind and this was the first gig of a packed weekend! Actually, I'd already eaten before going, so I wasn't in the mood to try any of the stalls there, but I'm sure they were all delicious! They actually shut down Poplar Square in Naas for this festival tonight. The last time I remember the main street in Naas being shut was for the pig races way back, years ago, for the Punchestown Festival. I was going to say there were no pigs tonight, but I do recall seeing a stall serving Hog, so yeah... Anyway, the music.  Tonight we had Sina Theil open the proceedings.  I've seen Sina plenty of times over the last few years and she puts on a very good country rock show.  A good mix of her own songs and some well known crowd pleasers. After Sina, we had some legends of the Irish music scene, we had Kila p

Nealo - Angel on my Shoulder Feat. INNRSPACE

I saw Nealo earlier in the summer at the KnockanStockan Festival . I don't know a hell of a lot about the Irish rap and hip hop scene, but I do know what I like and I thought he was quite impressive. Anyway, he's just released his first video, check it out below:

2019-08-30 Strangers With Guns - The Grand Social

So a while back, I stumbled across a video by Strangers With Guns for their latest track ' Monkey King '. Anyway, I tweeted it out and the band got in contact with me.  They mentioned that they were having an album launch in the Grand Social in Dublin and they wondered if I'd like to head along.  Well... I think we know what the answer was, and so last Friday, off I went in to Dublin! I got to the Grand Social and headed upstairs to the venue. I always feel like a bit of a tool saying "Hi, I'm on the guest list." and tonight was no different.  If I ever get used to it, you've permission to slap me.  Only once though!  Turns out I was indeed on the guest list, so yeah, no embarrassing moments there... Anyway, on the night, the support acts were Brand New Dead Things and Easy Tide   and they got the night off to a brilliant start. By the time Strangers With Guns hit the stage, the crowd were nicely warmed up and ready to rock, and for the next ho