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2019-08-24 The Playing Fields Festival - Clane GAA

So last weekend, I headed off to Clane for the first ' Playing Fields Festival '.  I say headed off, it's only 10km from where I live, so it wasn't an arduous journey at all! The Playing Fields Festival is a 2 day affair featuring some legends of Irish music along with some relative new comers and lesser known acts of the Irish music scene. A great mix with something to please everyone! So, was it any good? Well, yes, yes it was.  I had an absolute blast there.  Bar a couple of minor issues, everything ran so smooth. The stage looked great, the sound was pretty damn good, staff and security were all friendly and helpful. Speaking with the bands after, they all seemed to have a great time, that's always great to hear. So, just who was playing, well the Saturday line up featured: Alice Lynskey Valhalla Padraig Cahill Montauk Hotel Oski Bravo Jerry Fish The Frank and Walters The Stunning The Sunday lineup featured: The Roadworn Frets Empire Circus