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2024-07-05 Sugababes - Iveagh Gardens, Dublin

I've been a Sugababes fan since I first heard Overload way back in 2000.  It was, and still is, a pop classic.  Over the years, I managed to catch them live a couple of times.   The first time I caught Sugababes live was way back at Creamfields 2002.  Unfortunately Siobhan had left the band by then and been replaced by Heidi, so I never got to see the original lineup.  Did it matter much at the time to me?  No, not at all, I was just their to party!  As a side note, post Sugababes, Siobhan went on to release two solo albums, Revolution in Me in 2003 and Ghosts in 2007. The next time I saw them was at Oxegen 2008, and by then Mutya had left the band and was replaced by Amelle, leaving Keisha as the only remaining original member.  It was a tad strange seeing the band with only one remaining member, but again, it was a festival and all we were looking for was a good time, which we definitely got! Another side note, just like Siobhan, Mutya went on to release her own solo work, a gr

The Irish Music Industry Podcast is back!

After a break for a few months, the  Irish Music Industry Podcast is back with Series Two! So, what's it all about, well, I'll let Mark explain! Got that?  I thought you would. So, in Episode One, Series Two, we hear from Alex Gough and Eleanor McEvoy . If you can't be bothered going to Spotify to listen to the podcast, you can always listen to it this site, you'll find it over there on the right hand margin of this site. Give it a listen. Even if you're not involved in the industry and just an avid music fan, you will find this podcast very interesting and enlightening.

2020-02-20 David O'Doherty - Moat Theatre Naas

I was back in the Moat Theatre in Naas this week for a bit of comedy. I say a bit, but... Well it was the legendary  David O'Doherty  and his mad style of musical comedy. Hmm... Is musical comedy the right term even?  Look, he plays the keyboard, sings some funny songs and makes you laugh.  Actually, I'm not sure he even sings... He kind of talks over the music. Just on the basis of last nights show, I'll never, ever, ever look in my water tank in the attic! Look, I don't know, he's a funny guy, go check him out!  Oh he has a UK tour coming up soon, you can book tickets  here . Check out the photos below:

2020-02-17 Cry Monster Cry - Mick Murphys Ballymore

I hadn't intended to do anything much last Monday night. It was cold and wet outside, I was all set to sit down in front of a warm fire and toast my toes.  The two things happened... 1: I'd no firelighters or kindling to start a fire. 2: Facebook messaged me to say Cry Monster Cry were playing in Ballymore for BAG . Well, that sorted my night out!  I grabbed my keys, camera and wallet and headed out the door!  I hadn't see Cry Monster Cry play since they launched their last album ' Rhythm of Dawn ' back in 2016. Tonight though, they were promoting their brand new album ' Tides ' and, well it sounds awesome live.  These guys have some of the tightest harmonies you will ever hear.  I'd definitely recommend picking up the album and catching them live.  Check out the photos below:

Instagram Stories - Part 10

91 to 100... Well that's it, that's the end of this project. 100 different Irish artists featured over 100 days on my Instagram Stories . Now, I know I missed out on some artists, if you didn't appear on the list, it's simply because I either forgot about you or I thought I'd featured you already, that's all. It wasn't personal, I swear! Anyway, as always, check out the artists, check out the Spotify playlist and then go buy their music, merchandise and tickets! God is an Astronaut Prymary Colours Ger Wolfe The Finns Sun Mahshene  Toshín  Empire Circus Elevation Falls Fangclub My Tribe Your Tribe 

2020-02-06 Sara Ryan - Fallons Kilcullen

My first gig of 2020 and it was a good one!  I'd not seen Sara Ryan play in a year or two, so when she announced she was going to be playing in Kilcullen, I bought a ticket straight away. I'm not quite sure how to describe Sara's sound... It's not folk, it's not jazz, it's not blues, but if you take a healthy dash of each and give it a good mix, you'll come close! Sara's touring in support of her newly released album called ' Breath ' and it's a cracker.  Check it out!  As for the gig, it was fantastic. Sara was backed by a full band and sounded incredible.  If you get the chance to see her, head along, you'll not be disappointed. Support on the night was from Cork musician Emmo .  I'd not heard of him before, but he sounded good and, given the chance, I'd head along to see him again. Lighting was a tad low on the night, though you probably wouldn't think it from the first photo, so it made conditions just a little d

Instagram Stories - Part 9

81 to 90... Well, we are coming to the end of this project.  I'm going to call it quits at 100. That'll be 100 Irish artists, some famous, some not so famous, featured. As always, check out the artists, check out the Spotify playlist and then go buy their music, merch and tickets! Under Starling Mark Geary Sick Love Paddy Dennehy Joshua Burnside Shane O'Fearghail Peco Cry Monster Cry This Side Up Young Earth