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2019-06-22 Riptide Movement - St. Davids Church Naas

I've seen The Riptide Movement play a few times over the years, the last time was back in 2017 at the Rock the Yard Festival in Leixlip. I've always enjoyed their gigs, so I figured I'd pay a visit! Anyway, they announced a gig in St. Davids Church in Naas, so I booked a ticket and waited for the day. The night kicked off with a solo slot for Peco .  I've seen Peco quite a few times by now, always a good set, be it on his own or with a full band and tonight's set was no different! Check out his debut album Monster , it's pretty good. The Riptide Movement came on stage and played an almost 'unplugged' type of set.  Almost, but not quite. They covered all the bases, new songs,m old songs, cover and all the hits.  At one stage, Mal had split the Church into three separate sections and conducted and led them in a rousing rendition of ' Elephant in the Room ' Fantastic night of good music, capped off with Party at the Back in Kavanaghs afte

2019-06-08 The Cure - Malahide Castle

The last time I saw The Cure live was at the Electric Picnic back in 2012.  Before that, it was at Oxegen 2004.  It was, most definitely, time to see them again. When they announced their first non festival gig in Ireland since 1992, I just had to be there! Unfortunately, we don't always get what we want and when I went to purchase a ticket, they were all gone... Fortunately, I've got some great friends and I was given a ticket as a present! So, on to the gig.  It had been raining in Ireland all week, but somehow the sun shone brightly on Malahide unlike in Slane, where the heavens opened for Metallica! Perhaps God is a Curehead! Support on the day was from  Just Mustard ,  The Twilight Sad  and  Ride .  I didn't get there till after 6:00pm, so I missed Just Mustard and The Twilight Sad, but I did get to see Ride. I don't recall seeing Ride before, that's not to say I haven't, I just don't remember! I was somewhat familiar with their music however,

2019-06-03 Forbidden Fruit Festival - Royal Kilmainham Hospital

I could have sworn I'd posted some photos from the Monday of Forbidden Fruit Festival, but it appears I haven't.  Maybe I did and I deleted all evidence of it, who knows... Sure I'll just back date thios post and no one will ever know... Anyway, I ended up getting a ticket for the Monday of Forbidden Fruit.  It was quite a diverse crowd ranging from mid teens to mid 80s, but everyone looked to be having fun. It's a pity no one told the rain to stay away, but it didn't dampen spirits too much. So, where do I start?  Well, I started the day with Saint Sister.  I'd not seen them perform before, but I'd heard their music.  In a world that seems to spin too fast sometimes, Saint Sister offer an escape. Next up were Pillow Queens. Wow... Just wow.  Fast, frenetic, a little crazy, lots of fun.  What's not to like about them?  Brilliant set by a brilliant band. After that, I headed off the see RY X.  I'd no idea who he was before, I've no real id