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20 Years of the Irish Singles Chart

Linda Coogan Byrne and her team over at WhyNotHer have put together a startling report on the state of the Irish Singles Chart over the last 20 years and how it practically ignored Women and BIPOC.  It's an incredible piece of work, one that, had all things been fair and equal, should never have had to be complied. Unfortunately, like most things, the Irish Music Industry isn't a fair and equal place... Anyway, don't take my word for it, click here to read the report.

2018-03-22 Bell X1 - Vicar Street Dublin

Bell X1 … If ever an Irish band deserved to make it big, it’s these guys.  They write perfect pop songs,  but for some unknown reason, remain one of Irelands best kept secrets. Anyway, they announced a 5 night residency in Vicar Street, so I just had to go see them! For the first three nights of the residency, they played an album in full,  and I got to hear “Music In Mouth”.  Obviously the gig didn’t stop there and we were treated to a selection of their greatest hits also. Fantastic gig by an amazing band in a damn fine venue.  What more could you want? Check out the photos below: