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2023-04-24 Concert for Ukraine - Vicar Street, Dublin

I got a message from Hally 4 days before this gig was due to take place wondering if I'd like to shoot it.  The details were scant, but it was a charity gig and a few names were mentioned. Well, I obviously said yes and so set in 4 days of panic and self doubt!  I was going to be the only one photographing the show.  What if they don't like my style?  What if my photos are out of focus?  What if?  What if?  What if?  Self doubt, it's an absolute bastard! Roll on the Monday of the show.  I took time off from the day job and was in Vicar Street for 2:00pm.  A few introductions later and I went off to wander around the venue, see where I might get some good shots from. As I was doing that, everyone else was doing their soundchecks, so every so often, I'd sit down and watch them do their thing.  I knew a few of the performers onstage, so thankfully after a few chats, the nerves started to fade. 7:30 came, doors were opened, stage lights went on and the show kicked off and

2023-04-22 Zaska - The Sugarclub, Dublin

I'm not quite sure where I first stumbled across Zaska , but I'll take a guess that it was another one of those glorious Twitter finds.  It doesn't really matter, I'm just happy I did! I'm not 100% sure how to describe his music.  I've heard people call it soul, neo soul, funky, jazz... I call it sexual.  It makes you move, it makes you feel, most of all, it makes you smile, it's a thing of great beauty.  Does that make sense to you? Anyway, on to tonight's show in the Sugar Club , Dublin.  I like this venue, I like shooting in this venue, the lighting is always good and so is the sound.  Plus, and this is a big plus, there are seats! Zaska never plays alone, so, along with his band, tonight he was joined tonight by the wonderful Melina Malone on vocals.  Melina is the vocal equivalent of Zaskas music.  It's rich, creamy, smoky... filled with soul, just beautiful. All in all, an absolutely wonderful night of soul music.  I can't recommend Zaska

2023-04-14 Ciaran Moran - The Cobblestone, Dublin

About 4 years ago, I got a DM from a guy called Ciáran Moran .  I'd no idea who he was or what he was about, but he went on to tell me about his EP launch in the Underground, Dublin.  Anyway, he wasn't wrong and I've been a fan ever since. This gig in the Cobblestone , is a 'thank-you' to his fans.  It's a free gig, no cover charge, all you had to do is apply for a (very limited) ticket. Not many artists do that, but Ciáran hasn't forgot his roots, he is a very proud inner-city Dub! On the night, Mairead Carroll opened affairs.  I know Mairead a few years now, we stumbled across each other during a few Covid gigs and remained friends.  I think the crowd enjoyed her set and banter between the songs.  She was joined onstage by Pat Domican on guitar. Next up was a new face to me, but seemingly not to many others, a guy called John Lynch .  What a powerful, yet beautifully controlled voice this guy has.  I'd love to see him perform again soon. Then it was t

2023-04-06 In the Round - Fate, Naas

I hadn't been to an 'in the round' type gig in ages, so when this one popped up on my doorstep, i had to head along.  The line-up consisted of Davie Furey , Gillian Tuite and Robbie Brady .  In the Round, in this case, didn't mean we were seated all around the the artists, it meant that each singer took a turn singing a song of their choice. I've seen Davie play on many occasions, but I'd not seen Gillian or Robbie perform before, so I had no idea what to expect from them.  I wasn't disappointed, and was treated to a great night of music, a great way to kick off the Easter weekend. Sound on the night was excellent, but the lighting was tough.  When I first arrived, it was a lovely warm white, giving a very cosy feel to this already intimate gig.  Unfortunately it soon changed to a mix of red, green and blue lights with some strange red laser dots... I gave up trying to take photos after a while, it just wasn't worth the frustration. Anyway, on to the ph