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2022-08-28 The Playing Fields Festival - Clane GAA

It's been 3 years since The Playing Fields Festival last happened, and we all know why that is. It begins with a 'P' and ends with 'andemic'.   Thankfully, TPFF (as we shall refer to it from here on in) returned this year with a great lineup of Irish music. Look, I could go on and on about who played what, who was my favourite, what the craic was like and so on, but I won't. What I will say is that TPFF is a fantastic 2 day festival run by a great team in Clane, who obviously love their Irish music.  I did, however, manage to miss one act.  Whilst Xona was on stage, I was at the back of the arena, by the time I got up to the stage, their set had finished! So yeah, sorry about that Xona. I took a lot of photos, and I mean a lot!  I'm not going to post over 100 shots here though, you'd be scrolling for weeks.  However, if you'd like to view them all, pop over to my Instagram . So, photos from Day 1 in no particular order: HamsandwicH Jerry Fish Qween

2022-08-27 - Pete Kavanagh 'Tonic for a Troop' - Bobstock Fundraiser for Oesophageal Cancer

Just a simple one camera video I shot of Pete Kavanagh performing 'Tonic for a Troop' as part of  Bobstock Cape Clear Virtual gig in aid of the Oesophageal Cancer Fund . The video was recorded in McAuley Place in Naas.  Many thanks to them for letting us use their facilities. .

Look mam, I'm famous!

Well okay, maybe not famous, but a couple of my Denise Chaila photos from her gig in King Johns Castle in Limerick made Hot Press. Yes, okay, it was only the online version (haven't seen the latest print copy yet), but it was still a great thrill! If you want to check out the article, click here .

2022-08-20 Denise Chaila - King Johns Castle, Limerick

Any year that you get to tour with and record with a superstar and headline a gig, in a castle, in your home town, has got to be put down as a good year.  Denise Chaila did all this in 2022.  The superstar?  Just a young guy called Ed Sheeran , you might have heard of him. The gig?  King Johns Castle in Limerick, and that's where I am tonight! Earlier in the week, Denise asked concert goers to dress up D n' D style and they did not fail her.  There were Lords and Ladies, Elves and Ogres (well, just the one, me) every where you looked.  It was a wonderful sight to see. Anyway, on to the show.  On the lineup along with Denise were Negro Impacto and Le Boom.  I'd never heard of Negro Impacto, but I really enjoyed their set.  They're a little bit funky with some great guitar sounds and sweet vocals, what's not to like?  Definitely worth keeping an eye on. Next on stage were the fantastic Le Boom .  I had to check the records, but it seems it was way back in 2017 when

2022-08-04 Kynsy - Workmans Club, Dublin

The Workmans Club in Dublin is celebrating it's 10+2 Birthday with a series of free gigs. 10+2?  Well, the tenth birthday celebrations should have happened 2 years ago, but a certain pandemic put an end to any parties back then, so y'know, 10+2.  Better late than never though! Tonight's gig was by the incredible Kynsy , and thankfully this gig didn't happen 2 years ago because in the intervening years, Kynsy has written some absolutely brilliant songs, and tonight, we got to hear them all. Starting with ' Elephant in the Room ', Kynsy started as she meant to go on and the crowd loved every single minute of it.  I've said it many times before, Kynsy is fantastic and you really need to check out her music. Next up on the 10+2 list of gigs is the brilliant Villagers on Sunday, sure to be another great show.  For a complete list of the 10+2 gigs, click here . Right, now for some photos: