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20 Years of the Irish Singles Chart

Linda Coogan Byrne and her team over at WhyNotHer have put together a startling report on the state of the Irish Singles Chart over the last 20 years and how it practically ignored Women and BIPOC.  It's an incredible piece of work, one that, had all things been fair and equal, should never have had to be complied. Unfortunately, like most things, the Irish Music Industry isn't a fair and equal place... Anyway, don't take my word for it, click here to read the report.

2018-11-12 The Mulligan Brothers - Naas Presbyterian Church

I first saw the Mulligan Brothers back in January 2017 when they last toured Ireland and when I heard they were back in town, sure I had to go.  The Mulligan Brothers, who by the way, are not brothers or called Mulligan, are an Americana group hailing from Mobile, Alabama.  Ross Newell Melody Duncan Ben Leininger Led by Ross on main vocals,  with Melody on fiddle and Ben on bass, the sound is just sweet sweet country music. If they’re passing through your town, check them out.

2018-11-02 Johnny Marr - National Stadium

This was very much a last minute decision to go see Johnny Marr.  I had intended keeping it quiet this weekend, but sure… Well, it’s Johnny Marr and he was playing the intimate setting of the National Stadium in Dublin, so I went. Johnny has a huge back catalogue to choose from.  Obviously he has his own solo material stretching back years.  He also plays select songs from The Smiths song book and to cap it all off, he throws in a few from his Electronic days also! The crowd was a very eclectic mix with a massive range of ages.  Just goes to show that his music transcends the boundaries of time! Anyway, as last minute decisions go, this was a damn fine one.   I wonder where I’ll end up next!