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2022-10-19 An Evening of Poetry - Live at St.Mary's Church, Maynooth

I didn't excel at English in school. Some might say that I didn't really try that hard at all, so how could I?  My problem was that I never saw the point of it, of reading plays, of learning poems or talking about the deeper meaning behind the words.  

I was a very literal guy.  When asked in class what, in my opinion, the open window in Cathys room symbolised (Wuthering Heights), I replied it symbolised nothing, it just meant Cathy was warm and wanted to cool down.  That wasn't the answer the teacher was looking for...

So, it would come as a surprise to my teachers that I actually enjoy poetry these days, maybe not reading it, but definitely watching it being performed.

Last night, I headed over to St. Mary's Church in Maynooth to see The Poet Geoff, Hazel Hogan, John Cummins, Emmet O'Brien and Rachel Lally, who also curated the event.

It turned out to be a fantastic night of poetry and spoken word with two poems, one by The Poet Geoff that dealt with an unexpected relationship breakup and another by Emmet O'Brien that spoke of his love and admiration for his Grandad, really moistened my eyes.

Not to be out done by the poets, the weather decided to pit on a show.  Throughout the night, we could hear the loud rumble of thunder and see the church lit up from the flashes of lightning outside.  It was all very exciting, electrifying even!!!

Ok, that's enough of that, on to the photos:

The Poet Geoff

Hazel Hogan

Emmet O'Brien

Rachel Lally

John Cummins

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