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2023-05-14 Naas Bealtaine Festival

I missed the inaugural Naas Bealtaine Festival last year, and, as luck would have it, as I was busy trying to get a suntan on the south coast of Spain.  Don't judge me, it was my first chance to travel since the pandemic hit, and I was not going to miss it!

However, after hearing who was headlining this years festival, I made sure to not miss out this year!  Who was headlining? Oh only one of my favourite bands ever, King Kong Company!

The Naas Bealtaine Festival is a free festival, no tickets required, all you have to do is turn up.  To make sure it all ran smoothly and to fit the largest crowd in, the Main Street of Naas was closed off to traffic, this doesn't happen all that often!  Up and down the Main Street was littered with food stalls, musicians and other street vendors and artists. Poplar Square, at the Dublin end of the town, was the home for the Main Stage.

I'll be honest, I didn't venture up the town to the other stages, my back was in tatters, I was tired, the sun was in my eyes and the earths magnetic forces were working against me...  I stayed at the Main Stage most of the day.  I say all day.

Anyway, my day started off with Gemma Cox accompanied by Emily O'Rourke on guitar.  The first time I saw her perform was 5 years ago, back in 2018, and it's been fantastic to see her grow as an artist.

Next up, for me at least, was Kendal Moody.  I'd seen Kendal perform for the first time only a month previous and, even in that short space of time, she's become a far more confident performing.  One to keep an eye on!

Now, I'm not sure what to call this next band... Are they Kovanta or are they Veto Code, I'm not sure!!!  Either way, it doesn't matter, they rocked and the crowd, including a large section of their fans, loved their set.  They're loud, they rock, sure what more could you ask for?

I may, just may have accidentally missed Cher-A-Mia, a Cher tribute act, so the next act I caught was a new one to me, Lypton Village.  A really enjoyable set from them, a few covers mixed in with their own material, it really got the crowd dancing.  Just perfect for a festival!

The main topic of conversation in the crowd all day, apart from the weather, was 'I can't believe King Kong Company are playing Naas!' and I had to agree, there was something surreal about it!

As I've said many times before, King Kong Company are one of the best live acts out there.  I've never left a gig of theirs thinking 'yeah, it was good, but...'  It's always full throttle from the off and they leave everything on stage, so I was expecting a lot!

I needn't have worried, they brought the full stage show with them! The lights, the lasers, the backing screens, the flags, Box Head...  They brought the lot and the crowd, and I, loved every minute of it!

If you get to see just one band this summer, make sure it's King Kong Company!

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