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2022-12-18 Merchy Christmas - The Grand Social, Dublin

Merchy Christmas, in The Grand Social, serves two purposes.  First and foremost, it gives music fans a chance to meet some of their favourite artists and to buy their merch.  Stickers, Posters, Beanies, Baseball Caps, Scarves, T-Shirts, Hoodies, Tapes, CDs, Vinyl... Whatever you wanted, you could find!

The second purpose of Merchy Christmas is to help raise funds for the Simon Community.  If you're not aware, the Simon Community is a charity which helps homeless people.  It's incredible that we have a housing crisis in Ireland.  It seems to be a mix of greed, mismanagement and, well, ineptitude.  If you couldn't make it to Merchy Christmas, but would still like to make a donation, just click here.

On Friday, Merchy Christmas put a call out for photographers to attend the event.  I couldn't make Saturday, but said I'd be there Sunday for a few hours.  I met up with some old friends, made some new friends and took some pretty photos. I came home a lot poorer finically from this, but the craic was great and I got to catch-up with some great folk, so it all balances out!

Anyway, time for some photos.  First up it's  the wonderful Daire Heffernan:

Next up was the fantastic Krea (yes, that is Karen from Wyvern Lingo):

And finally, the brilliant Carslbad.

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